Monday, December 24, 2012

Foxx Family Christmas Letter 2012

I knew I was way behind on my family but I didn't realize until today that I didn't post one thing in 2012! So much happened this year. Yikes! It looks like I will be spending some time over Christmas break catching up. But for now here is a brief summary of what 2012 was like with the Foxx Family...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Setting up the Christmas Tree

It's that time of year, time to set up the Christmas tree!  


This year we had both our parents, Reagan, Dorian and Captain Jack (yellow lab) over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sarival Ward Cultural Event

In October, our ward's mission leader organized a fabulous cultural event for people to invite their friends and family to and experience different cultures through food samples, entertainment and browsing at different tables.  It was amazing to see how many countries were represented from just our ward.

This was just a taste of some of the entertainment...

Elizabeth's 15th B-day

Elizabeth really wanted a birthday party this year.  Well, she really wants one every year.  In our family you had a friend birthday party ever other year until you turned 12 years old.  Well, Elizabeth has always had bad luck when she would have her friend party since her birthday always fell around Labor Day.  So this year when she asked once again if she can have a birthday party, we decided to go ahead and let her and cross our fingers that this one will be a successful one for her.  The only thing was she was in charge of the whole thing.  Happy to say, she did a great job, she wanted a Japanese themed slumber party, she did all the decorations, dinner menu planning, games and even made cupcakes.