Monday, October 26, 2009


Elizabeth found a new dog to love, a black cocker spaniel. We renamed him Shadow. We changed his name that his foster mom gave him "Tahoe" to Shadow. His foster mom shared with us that she had to come up with a name quickly because she was on his way to get his paperwork filled out. She was driving and there was a Chevy Tahoe in front of him. Lol. We thought Shadow fit him well, he's black and he's very mellow. He will just follow you around the house like a little shadow.

We found Shadow at a big adoption event Saturday morning in Scottsdale that had hundreds of dogs for adoption.

Shadow is around 4-5 years old. He was on the euthanasia list over in Kingman, he had a big cyst on his neck. The shelter there was trying hard to find a no kill shelter with more of a budget to save him and take care of his cyst. (They couldn't afford to keep him) So a shelter called Benji's Buddies rescued him. His foster mom said he is very loving and definitely an inside dog. If you keep him outside longer than he wants to be he'll howl like a siren. She said that's really his only flaw. He's 95% house trained, she said he's just had a couple accidents while she was gone at work longer than usual so with a new environment to not be surprised if he has a couple. She suggested we buy a crate while he gets used to us when we leave and put him in that just to be safe. So we just bought one and seems to be fine in it. He is very gentle and mellow, cute... Elizabeth loves to have him sit on her lap or lay next to her on her bed. Can't wait for you to meet Shadow!

Halloween Festival

I just finished hosting my piano Halloween Festival this last Friday. It was a great success. If you would like to see pictures go to my piano blog:

Monday, October 19, 2009


We're finally seeing progress on our backyard. We hired a company to put in the courtyard and retaining wall. It looks great! We will be adding artificial grass, but will probably have to wait until spring before that goes in. It's going to be so nice when it's all done!

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween

One of the neighbors a couple streets down was selling their Halloween yard decorations for a really good price. I thought it would be fun to go all out since I hold a Halloween Festival at our house for my piano students every year. Plus Elizabeth will be having a Halloween party as well this year. Here are some pictures...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Skyler's latest class project.

This is Skyler's latest class project. He was supposed to create a video that would start a debate. He decided to do it on the console wars.

Great job Skyler!


Yesterday Elizabeth and I had to return Bella to the Humane Society. Despite dog training at Petsmart, she was getting increasingly agressive towards people and her behavior was unpredictable. We really enjoyed the time we had with her. We enjoyed the walks, going to the dog park, playing fetch (even though she didn't like to let the ball or toy go- unless there was a treat of course) doing tricks with her etc... We wish it would have worked out but unfortunately we couldn't chance someone getting hurt. We will remember you Bella...