Friday, March 19, 2010

Shadow graduates!

Shadow took an 8 week training course through PetSmart. He learned commands such as Sit, Leave it, Take It, Wait, Come, he couldn't get the concept of lay down on command. Here are some pictures of the big day...

Training in the classroom

Practicing in the store

Shadow, the Graduate

French Doors

We finally replaced our horrible sliding glass door with french doors!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Backyard Finished!

On February 27th we had 17 tons of rocks delivered for our backyard. Thanks to good ward members who are willing to serve we were able to get it all done in 2 hours, which is totally amazing. Sarival ward members ROCK! A couple weeks after the rocks were done, we had the grass installed making our backyard finally complete! Now we can enjoy it and it looks SO GOOD!

The before...

Courtyard and before landscaping pics...

Trees and plants added before the rock goes in...

17 Tons of rock- oh my!

Our AWESOME helpers...

When we're helping, we're happy...

Rocks finished- looking good!

Finished at last!

In Memory of Aunt Lois

January 23rd was a sad day for family and friends who knew Aunt Lois. Our family had the opportunity to live with Aunt Lois for a year when we moved from Arizona to Utah and we were waiting for our house to be built in Tooele. During that time Skyler and Elizabeth developed a bond with her almost as if she were another grandmother to them. Over the years we enjoyed being close to her and often had Aunt Lois join us for Christmas Eve, special occasions, dinners and just because... We cherish those times and will remember them always. We will miss our Aunt Lois, she was an angel here on earth who loved to serve others. She was a great example to all who knew her.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Years Eve

Happy New Years 2010! (Okay it's now March and I'm a little behind my blogging but better late then never right?)

This year we had some friends, the Bridges, Campbells and Allens over to bring in the New Year with us. We ate, played games and made lots of noise. Here are some pictures from that night.