Thursday, May 7, 2009

Goodyear Stake Youth Film Festival

Our stake held a youth film festival this year. (I guess this is what they do instead of road shows nowadays.) Our ward asked Skyler if he would like to film and edit. He ended up directing, filming, editing, etc... which was a big task for him. The first time he's done all this in one video on his own. He did an awesome job and our ward, Sarival ward won Best Videography and Overall Best Picture! I think Skyler has a good future in this business, what do you think? It was such an awesome night for everyone. The stake did a fantastic job making all the youth feel so special. Elizabeth is in the dance scene of the video. Unfortunately her jogging scene had to get edited out. That's the life of an actress I guess... If you want to see the video come on over! In the meantime, here is some video's of that night and pictures!

For Best Videography...

For Overall Best Picture...

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David said...

That is AWESOME! I really want to come see that video some time.