Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our new addition to the family

Much to our (extreme) surprise Rick came up with the idea of giving Elizabeth her all time wish for her 13th birthday as long as she donated all her stuffed animals (except her top 3). So after scouting online at the Arizona Humane Society for a good week or so we found what we think is the perfect dog for our family at this time. We went a week early because we were afraid the dog we wanted would be gone if we waited too long. Happy early Birthday Elizabeth!

Meet Bella... She's a 3 year old black lab. She's house trained, leash trained (although we think she needs some work on this end) and crate trained. She is quiet (we haven't heard her bark yet, just some whining when somebody leaves and she's not sure where they went). She plays fetch, knows how to give high five, can follow commands like sit, stay, jump, etc... and we have already tested all of the above. She has a cute curly q tail and already loves her doggy bed Elizabeth bought for her. In addition she loves her bone and squeeky toy as well.

In the video below you can see below trying out her new walking shoes. LOL.

Here's the description of her on the AZ Humane Society website...

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