Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party

Skyler and Elizabeth decided to do a Halloween party together this year.  There was 16 kids that came and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Inside the guys played video games, outside we had a laptop and a projector we borrowed projecting movies, later Rick escorted the group to the park across the street for a game (they needed lots of room), lots of socializing, goodies and later made Smores, announced costume contest and candy jar winners, sharing scary stories and funny jokes around the fire pit.  Three of Elizabeth's friends that came are foreign exchange students from school.  One is from Germany, one from Russia and another from Japan.  This was the first time they ever tasted a smore.  Her friend from Russia said it was good but very sweet.

Skyler made his costume with Elizabeth's help and was the Purple Masked Salesman from Zelda (videogame).  Elizabeth wore my Queen of Hearts costume from a couple years ago at the last minute after her original plan(s) didn't work out.

Here are the pictures!

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kraftenkrazy3 said...

You are a very brave mama! Thanks for inviting Madison. She had a great time and loved hanging out with all the "older" kids :0)