Thursday, December 29, 2011

Girls Camp- "Gone Fishing"

This year was Elizabeth's 4th year at Girl's camp.  4th years go off on their own and do the "dreaded" 4th year hike.  And Elizabeth was really dreading it.  However Elizabeth's hike sounded so much more fun then when I had my 4th year hike.  They got to explore in a cave, go swimming in a lake, shooting, etc...

Her favorite thing to do was shooting.  Her favorite gun was the AR15.  She enjoyed the lake and got used to the water real fast after slipping in from a giant slippery rock.  She got a little freaked out when the fishes in the lake were nibbling on her toes.

Her least favorite thing to do was gut fish.  They had to catch, gut and then eat a fish.  She didn't like that at all.  Don't blame her at all.


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