Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Magic Mountain

Our plans for Spring break this week was to go to Magic Mountain. Luckily we went online to look at what the hours were and found out they don't open during the week until the 23rd! (We almost pulled a "Vacation") Well, that wasn't going to work since both the kids have spring break the week before. So we debated on where else we wanted to go. After much deliberation we decided we still wanted to go to Magic Mountain but would have to do it on the weekend while it was open. Shortly after the kids got out of school on Friday we were off. We arrived at our hotel earlier than anticipated, around 10:15pm. Then Saturday morning we left for Magic Mountain. Our top two favorite roller coasters of all time (that we have ridden) is found at Magic Mountain. The first one is Tatsu. If you ever wondered what it would feel like to experience flying (ever dreamed of flying) this is the ride!!! You get to experience what it feels like to fly. After sitting and getting all buckled in the seats go up in flying position and you are off feeling the wind in your face, just trees and people below and sky and clouds above. It even includes a cool barrell roll along with twists and turns, loops and more. There is nothing like it!

Here is a video of what the seats do.

And a video of our favorite ride, Tatsu!

Our second favorite roller coaster is Goliath. You go up 285 feet and there is a steep drop right at the beginning going 85 mph with lots of loops throughout. It is a natural high! So fun!

Elizabeth was able to get pictures with a few characters. Daffy, Batman and a couple other super hereo's we are not quite sure who they are. LOL.
I recorded our Collossus ride. It was the only coaster that I wasn't worried I would drop my Flip (no loops).

By the end of the first day we were exhausted. Riding extreme roller coasters for 12hours straight can take a toll on you! (Doing the "Earl" pose)
The next day we decided to take it easy, slept in and started with breakfast at Denny's (yesterday breakfast was at IHOP). Then we went to Magic Mountain and did some other rides along with some of our favorite roller coasters. We left around 4:00pm and then ended the day by having dinner and dessert at Farrell's (yes- they are still around!) and went and saw Race to Witch Mountain. (Good by the way)

Oh and did I mention that Magic Mountain is running a special where if you buy 1 day you get a Season Pass?! Cool huh? We'll be back!

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Clint and Mari Cluff said...

That is so cool! My older two kids love roller coasters and crazy rides. Glad you guys got to go and have fun!!!!