Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to Blossom

June 14-18th Elizabeth had the opportunity this year to go to a Young Women's conference at the Hilton Hotel in Mesa, Time to Blossom. This was their first year putting on this event and it was a great experience for all the girls who went. They had over 250 girls attend from all over the valley (many from Mesa and Gilbert), some from out of state and even a couple from out of the country! Even though there were several girls from our ward going, Elizabeth opted to room with girls she didn't know so she could meet and bond with new friends, and that she did.

Elizabeth's favorite speakers were John Bytheway (she said he was hilarious) and Vivian Cline. In addition to listening to wonderful speakers, Elizabeth was in a fashion show, enjoyed the dances, made some dolls for children in Africa, made new friends and had an absolute blast!

Now for the fun pics!

Leaving home and arriving to the Hilton...

Meeting her counselor, Stacia

Elizabeth was the first of her roomies to arrive. Check out the view from her balcony!

New friends and fun...

Last day farewells...


Tatum said...

It looks like she had SO much fun.
Seriously how old is her counselor?!?! She looks like she could be one of the girls, right?

I can't believe JOHN BYTHEWAY was there! He is my favorite speaker of all time. In high school my Sis and I became obsessed, and had ALL of his tapes/CD's. Crazy!

Jennifer said...

Her counselor must be in her mid 20's. I believe she served a mission if I remember correctly and she's a massage therapist. She does look young.

Yes, John Bytheway was her favorite by far. He's so awesome. Did you know he's now a Bishop right now? Can you imagine?