Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Be Strong, Be Courageous, Be All That You Can Be"

Elizabeth just returned from Girl's Camp at Camp Mokui. She was there from June
28th-July 2nd. The theme of this years camp is the title of this post. They each got a camp "army" t-shirt with dog tags and everyday had it's own theme as well.

Day 1- "Basic Training: Growing stronger through the basics of The Gospel"
The morning started at 7:00am bright and early to check in and receive their camp shirts, dog tag and a sack of "rations". When arriving at camp, they saw that none of their tents were set up. So the awesome Sarival ward girls bucked up and helped all the other girls from different wards set up their huge army tent before they set theirs up. Now these were not regular camping tents, they were big, heavy army tents so it was quite the workout. When it was finally their turn to set up their tent, they found out that they were left with a funny red circus type canopy tent. Without any outside help from the others, they set it up. Easier to set up, but oh the RED! It gave them quite a headache you can imagine. Way to go Sarival girls to grow stronger in the basics of the Gospel through service!

Day 2- "Battle Strategies: When the going gets tough..."
Rappelling day! Elizabeth had the opportunity to rappell last year but her fear took over and didn't do it. This year however, she was strong and courageous and decided to try it out and she survived! Yeah! This was a great experience for the girls to teach them to trust in others and in your safety. Jesus Christ is our ultimate "safety" who will always be there for us when we need him. So even though Elizabeth was a little scared she trusted that she would be alright. If you ask her would she do it again, she would say "YES!"

Day 3- "Combat Gear: Putting on your Armor of God"
The morning started off with some archery. Elizabeth even hit the target on one of her shots. Go Elizabeth!

That afternoon the girls had a service project, re-painting the picnic tables in the area...

Day 4- "Fulfilling our potential: Be All You Can Be"
Camp is more than halfway through. Today was hiking day! Nature, horny toads ("Jub Jub") and more to enjoy. Skits and Testimony meeting to end the day...

Day 5- "Fall Out, Go Home, Be All You Can Be"

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Kim said...

How fun! Our girls had the army theme last year. One of my good friends was camp director and she gave me one of the handouts, so that I could study it on my own. It is awesome. Great pictures!