Sunday, January 23, 2011

19th Wedding Anniversary

This year Rick and I decided to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas.

Our first stop was to go walk on the new Hoover Dam bridge.  They have a pedestrian walk across the bridge that gives you an awesome view of the Hoover dam.  While most people stopped halfway on the bridge to see the view, we walked the entire length of the bridge.  On one side of the bridge was the Welcome to Nevada sign and on the other side was the Welcome to Arizona.  So you can say we walked from Nevada to Arizona!

After we checked into our hotel, Excalibur we made reservations for dinner at "Top of the World" Restaurant on top of the Stratosphere.  We had a VERY expensive 5 course meal (most expensive dinner we've ever had).  The food was very good.  I even tried some food I've never had before.  I could cut my filet mignon with a steak it was so tender.  Yum!  We had an window seat with awesome view of all of Las Vegas.  Did I mention this was a rotating restaurant?  We even saw a few sky divers jump off the Stratosphere while we ate!

View from our window seat...

Excalibur Hotel

 I've always wanted to take a Gondola ride at the Venetian hotel...

Bellagio Water Show

Rick surprised me with front row tickets to the Lion King!!! 

We did have a little Vegas adventure while we were there, the story is best told in person with both of us telling "our side" so next time you see us be sure to ask about it.  Let's just say it involved me running out of the car while Rick was driving (okay he was stopped - if you've driven on Vegas you know how bad the traffic is on the strip, stop and go, stop and go) in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.  I'm sure the people behind us were wondering what on earth happened.  Let's just say I was desperate!

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