Saturday, January 22, 2011


Elizabeth REALLY wanted rats for Christmas this year.  It's all she could talk about for months.  We thought she was crazy but went ahead and gave her Christmas wish.  I must say I learned a lot about rats lately and they tend to have a bad rap.  They are actually very cute and friendly.  The day after Christmas Elizabeth chose her two rats, both female.  She named them Noel and Sparky.

Shadow is very curious about these new creatures...

Meet Noel...  According to Elizabeth, Noel is a cuddly bug and she gives lots of kisses.  She can be shy with new people.  When she's by herself she'll explore, she likes shoulder rides and she likes to huddle in dark area's.  She has auburn eyes, creamed color with a unique white mark on her face.

 Can you find Noel in this picture?

Meet Sparky...  She is the dominant of the pair.  She likes to play with Noel.  She also gives lots of kisses and likes to run around and prance on Elizabeth's bed.  Sparky also likes shoulder rides and likes to explore but you have to keep a close on her because you never know where she's going to go.

Sparky and Noel all snuggled in...

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